20 May. 2022

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Cancellation of the SAGES COMME DES SAUVAGES concert at La Madeleine

Message du groupe :

Chers bourgeons sauvageons !

Pour des raisons indépendantes de notre volonté (mais reste-t-il des raisons autres ?), nous devons annuler le concert du 20 Mai à la Madeleine...

Vos tickets vous seront remboursés.

Nous vous tiendrons au courant des prochaines dates de concert en Belgique.

Nous serons plus vieux mais nous serons plus forts et ce sera merveilleux.


FINALLY a concert of SAGES COMME DES SAUVAGES in Brussels !!!

The second album of SAGES COMME DES SAUVAGES "Luxe Misère" was released on March 6, 2020, one week before the first confinement.

The tour was finally able to make its first steps in Belgium in October 2020. The concert in Brussels, planned at the Botanique in April, and which was expected to be sold out, was postponed twice, and finally took place at the Nuits Botanique, but outdoors (thanks to our partners NUITS BOTANIQUE & FRANCOFAUNE for making it possible).

After a second confinement, it was in May that Les Sages were to make their return to Belgium (in La Louvière), and there, it was a surprise cancellation that dampened the enthusiasm of the revival.

The band expressed their disappointment in a "documentary rhyme" that went viral ->

(784.000 views! 18.000 likes)

But with all that, still no concert in Brussels! What the pandemic prevented us from doing in 2020, we will do in 2022!

It's definitely with great anticipation that SAGES COMME DES SAUVAGES will be back in Brussels on May 20th 2022.

ALBUM "Luxe Misère": this 2nd album was recorded by the wizard Jean Lamoot (Salif Keita, Alain Bashung, Noir Désir...).

Lurking behind the jungle of their house plants, Ava Carrère and Ismaël Colombani observe life as it goes. Luxury breeds misery, fashion cuts suits for wild animals and the factory steals the fire from the volcano. Sages Comme Des Sauvages builds their music like Lieutenant Colombo leads an investigation, like the customs officer Rousseau paints his tigers, with naivety in their shoulder strap, as a weapon against the second degree and the disillusions of our time.

Following the success of their first album and the extensive tour that followed, the group has travelled to all corners of the French-speaking world to pick up members of their audience in batches. From Reunion Island to Quebec, the quartet has tattooed the territory with its ritornellos, its fine jokes and its panache. Sages Comme Des Sauvages is on stage as if it were in its living room, and that's why the audience wants more. The duo, now a quartet, has built up a complicity between itself and the world in concert.

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