11 Dec. 2022

Persons With Disabilities

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In the last 40 (+2) years, LITFIBA has been the longest-running and most popular rock band on the Italian scene. A history made of record successes with 10 million copies sold and thousands of concerts in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world -precursors like few of Italian rock-but also strongly linked to the history of their country , between social commitment, civil / environmental battles and human rights.Few artists, in fact, can boast of having faced with such great success and perseverance, an apprenticeship and a long and tortuous path like that of music and its changes during these years, even more so if we talk about rock, like Litfiba, the band still present today not only in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans but also in the hall of fame of Italian music.2022 is a terrific year that LITFIBA fans and music lovers will never forget.PIERO PELU and GHIGO RENZULLI state that “L'ULTIMO GIRONE” will be a real traveling party that will mark its worthy and powerful conclusion.During the farewell tour, LITFIBA will on stage with this band:Luca "Luc Mitraglia" Martelli on drums, Fabrizio "Simoncia" Simoncioni on keyboards and Dado "Black Dado" Neri at the bass.

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