17 Dec. 2022

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Persons With Disabilities

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Cancellation of Les Frangines concert at La Madeleine

Les Frangines is the story of a meeting between two young girls: Anne and Jacinthe. Born of different parents but lulled by the same melodies, these soul sisters share a connection with artists of the new pop-folk scene such as Boulevard des Airs, Vianney, Passenger, Lumineers, Cocoon... In 2021, after a tour of more than 100 dates and a first platinum album, Les Frangines are back with a new single "Notes". A song that describes those daily tasks that knock us down, and that invites us to take back our lives by taking time for ourselves. Co-written with Sylvain Duthu (Boulevard des airs), this track marks the return of Les Frangines to the forefront of the scene and the arrival of a second album scheduled for 6 May 2022.

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